Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Everything Reminds Wall Street Journal Columnist of Hitler

"The defining trait of neoconservative thought is analogizing all foreign-policy scenarios to the rise of Hitler, thereby turning every question into a simple Chamberlain-or-Churchill decision matrix in which the correct answer is always Churchill. I have now read Wall Street Journal columnist Daniel Henninger’s column today some half-dozen times in a futile attempt to identify a central thesis. None can be found, except a free association linkage between the modern foreign-policy landscape and Europe in 1938. READ MORE..."

Monday, August 4, 2014

Local Man Claims to Own Hitler's Gun

The Facts

Walther P.38
Serial No:
Year Mfg:
For sale to the highest bidder
During WWII the German military, or Nazis, wanted a new military pistol to replace the WWI Luger design.
Three (3) gun manufactures made eight (8) different models, each model starting with an original 1 serial number.  Carl Walther made 5 models, Mauser-Werke made 2 models and Spree-Werke made 1 model.  The AC was the code the Nazi's gave Carl Walther, the 43 means it was made in 1943.
The original #1's do not have a letter after the serial number.   After every 10,000 guns the Nazi's started back with the #1 but added a letter, such as 1A, 1B and so on.
For any make or model the rarest guns available are the number 1 serial numbers because there is only one and they are seldom for sale.  Most are given to someone very important.  As is the case with this gun.
It is believed that the original 8 number ones were presented to Adolf Hilter, along with dozens of presentation and fully engraved guns.
Please see "History" for more information.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Is Hitler alive?

Some people believe that Hitler flew to the center of the Earth to escape his fate at the end of WWII. Do you think this is a possibility?
Yes. That's what I've read. I personally have yet to receive that information, but I did know he knew about Hollow Earth and that the Germans did go to the South Pole after WWII. From what I've read I'll say yes, but I have never personally asked.

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Friday, March 9, 2012

Nazi Unicorn by Dave Palumbo

"Nazi Unicorn" by Dave Palumbo
cover for "After the Downfall" by Harry Turtledove

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Thursday, March 8, 2012


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